How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Published : 20/09/2018 18:53:15
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How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers

It can be really confusing for you to choose the flowers that could seamlessly blend in with your wedding. When selecting Fraserburgh flower delivery, many things have to be taken into consideration - season, wedding location, wedding theme, the physical features of the bride and the dress of the bride. Only when you carefully choose with these parameters in mind, will your flowers be truly unique and wonderful.


There are two advantages if you select flowers according to the season. One is that you can bring the feel of the season right into your wedding hall. Another is that using flowers of respective seasons can save you a lot of money since they will be easily available. For instance, in spring season, the flowers should represent new life and happiness. Common spring season flowers such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc. are excellent for evoking the feel of new life and joy. When it comes to summer, there are lots of varieties at hand to choose a suitable flower. Summers are the times of sunshine and vivid flowers such as snapdragons, sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and daisies will give you the perfect summer touch. In fall, the predominant colours such as orange, yellow, and red can be mixed to bring out the characteristic golden hue of this season. The common winter flowers are orchids, sweet pea, and camellia. When you are having a winter wedding, be sure to add some purple or red berries. Nothing says 'winter' like the wild berries of this season.

Wedding location

The next significant criteria is your wedding location. If it is an outdoor wedding, the flowers should sync perfectly well with the environment. In particular wild flowers or garden flowers are essential in flawlessly sprucing up the decoration. Also, it is common to use an informal bridal bouquet for outdoor weddings. The flowers in this type of bouquets are hand-tied and the stems are made to be visible to the guests. This informal arrangement conjures an aura of being in a garden. On the other hand, if you are having an indoor wedding, the flowers have to be formal, may be traditional even. Nosegay and Tussy-mussy are a natural choice for having a conventional wedding. The flowers in this bouquets are closely arranged in a round shape and the thin stem is draped with satins or organza ribbons.

Wedding theme

The location and theme of a wedding are closely associated, especially for outdoor weddings. If you are having a wedding on a hillock or a field, the flowers will be decorated with the surrounding greenery in mind; there will be plenty of foliage and the flowers will have a garden-like feel. If you are having it on a beach, the flowers can be made to look like seashells, corals, pearls, and starfishes. For indoor weddings, the themes are extremely varied - vintage weddings, oriental wedding, tropical wedding, classic romance, country weddings and the list goes on. So your flower selection is crucial for adding to the theme. For example, in country weddings, rustic flowers should be used to create a simplistic feel and appearance. If it is a Victorian era vintage wedding, you will have to consider the 'language of flowers' that was established in this time period. Roses and orange blossoms are predominant so as to represent your love and chastity respectively.

Physical features and Dress

The bridal bouquet that you choose enhances some of your features and diminishes few others. For example, if you are tall or have wide hips, then nosegays (named so because they give sweet smell to your nose and make you happy) are not a good choice for you. Because you will be carrying the nosegays below your waist and it will draw the attention of the guests to your waist area. If you are wearing short gowns for your wedding or if you have a smaller frame, then cascade bouquets are not appropriate. This is because a large volume of dress is needed to bring out the 'waterfall' quality of the cascade bouquets.

Once you choose Fraserburgh flower delivery according to these four parameters, the rest all comes to the implementation part. Be sure to give proper and specific instructions because you do not want to
be disappointed on your wedding day. Only when you know that all the wedding works are going smoothly, can you be relaxed, and have a peaceful wedding.

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